Choose a solution that offers the best long-term benefit, because the physical build of a Data Center is only performed once;

Carry out prior study of product performance to check if these have certifications in independent laboratories and their compatibility with the other accessories and equipment of the network;

Ensure that the technology selected is established in the standard in order to be well informed in case of changes in the performance parameters. .

Birla Furukawa Data Center Solutions are designed for High Density, High Scalability, High Speed Deployment, Enhance Manageability for Future Proof Data Center Infrastructure.


High Availability

Factory-tested communication channels to guarantee full availability in various topologies, and tested through third party laboratories, which reduces any points of potential failure and minimizes downtime risks.

Physical Layer Management

This system ensures the automatic update of the network documentation and also facilitates the physical location of devices connected to the network, making the infrastructure management quicker and more secure.


It is possible to expand optical networks with the addition of “plug and play” and high density components, reducing the installation time and the possibility of communication failures.

High Density

Solutions that allow service expansions for future demands (rapidly and that does not compromise the performance of the communication channels) without requiring physical expansion, valuing the square meter of the Data Center.


Systems that ensure a transmission with Zero Bit Error are imperative (CAT.6A and CAT.8) and Optical Links that serve 25Gb/s, 40/100Gb/s and the future migration trends at 50/200/400 Gbps.

Operating Efficiency

A cabling infrastructure designed for maximum use of the civil design, cooling and power systems (open racks, cabling accessories suitable for layout - hot and cold


Through the implementation of a physical layer management system it is possible to manage the physical point of the network and map it in a software platform, so that the IT Manager can be sure of what is interconnected. Any unauthorized movement in the patch panels and/or optical distributors will generate alarms, hence the IT team can identify the failures instantly.